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Vaccination and immunotherapy

Section edited by: Marek Malecki

The primary objective of this section is to promote significant advances in vaccination and immunotherapy research. Of special focus are research endeavors that are entering, or have entered, “first-in-human” or phase 1 clinical trials, and areas of specific interest include: Prophylactic vaccines for HIV, HBV, HPV, HCV, Zika, Dengue, Yellow fever, Influenza, MRSA, VRSA or cancer; therapeutic vaccines for cancer; synthetic, recombinant, DNA vaccines; therapies for viral diseases; immunosuppressants; immunomodulators; therapeutics for autoimmune diseases; adverse effects and iatrogenic outcomes of vaccines and immunotherapeutics; phage, yeast, mammalian, human display based in vitro evolution; GMP production of vaccines; GMP production of antibodies and recombinant proteins; oncolytic viruses; antibody guided virotherapeutics; and viral vectors of immunotherapeutics.

  1. Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) is a lethal disease with limited response to cytotoxic chemoradiotherapy, as well as newer immunotherapies. The PDA tumor microenvironment contains infiltrating immune ce...

    Authors: S. K. Daniel, K. M. Sullivan, K. P. Labadie and V. G. Pillarisetty
    Citation: Clinical and Translational Medicine 2019 8:10
  2. Immune checkpoint inhibitors have demonstrated broad single-agent antitumor activity and a favorable safety profile that render them attractive agents to combine with other systemic anticancer therapies. Pancr...

    Authors: Jun Gong, Andrew Hendifar, Richard Tuli, Jeremy Chuang, May Cho, Vincent Chung, Daneng Li and Ravi Salgia
    Citation: Clinical and Translational Medicine 2018 7:32
  3. Elevated expression levels of S100A6, a calcium-binding low-molecular-weight protein, were demonstrated in various malignancies. Moreover, increased serum levels of S100A6 were suggested as a novel biomarker f...

    Authors: Sven H. Loosen, Fabian Benz, Jennifer Niedeggen, Maximilian Schmeding, Florian Schüller, Alexander Koch, Mihael Vucur, Frank Tacke, Christian Trautwein, Christoph Roderburg, Ulf P. Neumann and Tom Luedde
    Citation: Clinical and Translational Medicine 2016 5:39