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Table 1 PRS analysis results of BMD, bone area and SCZ

From: A trans-ethnic two-stage polygenetic scoring analysis detects genetic correlation between osteoporosis and schizophrenia

 Bone phenotypeP valuea
Caucasian OP vs. GWASSCZ1Hip total area0.311
Hip total BMD0.376
Hip neck area0.253
Hip neck BMD0.276
Spine area0.571
Spine BMD0.056
Ulna & radius area0.031
Ulna & radius BMD0.010
Chinese OP vs. Chinese SCZHip total area0.349
Hip total BMD0.061
Hip neck area0.094
Hip neck BMD0.061
Spine area0.369
Spine BMD0.274
Ulna & Radius Area0.019
Ulna & radius BMD0.303
  1. The bolditalic values showed the P value ≤ 0.05, which was significant in our study
  2. aThe P value were calculated by PRSice software