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Table 3 The C-index of SAA, EBV DNA, S-D grade and TNM stage for prediction of OS

From: The prognostic value of integration of pretreatment serum amyloid A (SAA)–EBV DNA (S-D) grade in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

FactorsC-index (95% CI)C-indexaP
SAA0.631 (0.565–0.696)  
EBV DNA0.633 (0.566–0.700)  
S-D grade0.689 (0.623–0.754)  
TNM stage0.656 (0.590–0.723)  
S-D grade vs SAA 0.0580.062
S-D grade vs EBV DNA 0.0560.030
SAA vs TNM stage − 0.0250.568
EBV DNA vs TNM stage − 0.0230.530
S-D grade vs TNM stage 0.0320.441
  1. Statistic indicate the changes in C statistic
  2. C-index concordance index, CI confidence interval, S-D grade SAA-EBV DNA grade