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Table 1 PAS-Gen database description: type and sub-types of genes

From: Debutant iOS app and gene-disease complexities in clinical genomics and precision medicine

# Gene types Gene sub-types
1 Protein coding Coding
2 processed_transcript non_coding
4 lincRNA non_coding
5 Antisense non_coding
6 IG_C_gene non_coding
7 bidirectional_promoter_lncRNA non_coding
8 polymorphic_pseudogene non_coding
9 transcribed_unitary_pseudogene non_coding
10 transcribed_unprocessed_pseudogene non_coding
11 transcribed_processed_pseudogene non_coding
12 sense_overlapping non_coding
13 scRNA non_coding
14 non_coding non_coding
15 unprocessed_pseudogene non_coding
16 IG_V_gene non_coding
17 unitary_pseudogene non_coding
18 vaultRNA non_coding
19 TR_C_gene non_coding
20 sense_intronic non_coding
21 snRNA non_coding
22 processed_pseudogene non_coding
23 TEC non_coding
24 TR_V_pseudogene non_coding
25 TR_V_gene non_coding
26 macro_lncRNA non_coding
  1. PAS-Gen database includes protein coding and 25 non-coding gene types (processed transcript, lincRNA, antisense, IG C gene, bidirectional promoter lncRNA, polymorphic pseudogene, transcribed unitary pseudogene, transcribed unprocessed pseudogene, transcribed processed pseudogene, sense overlapping, scRNA, non coding, unprocessed pseudogene, IG V gene, unitary pseudogene, vaultRNA, TR C gene, sense intronic, snRNA, processed pseudogene, TEC, TR V pseudogene, TR V gene, macro lncRNA)