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Fig. 1

From: Impact of fatty acid binding protein 5-deficiency on COPD exacerbations and cigarette smoke-induced inflammatory response to bacterial infection

Fig. 1

FABP5 expression is decreased in PBMCs of COPD patients and further decreased in COPD exacerbations. a Real-time PCR for human FABP5 was performed on 20 non-COPD donors and 34 COPD donors (GOLD 1–4). Association of FABP5 mRNA levels in 34 COPD donors who reported. b Flare-up and c pneumonia. d FABP5 protein expression as a function of exacerbation numbers among COPD patients. Data in ac represent the individual patient’s distribution along with the mean ± SEM. Data in d represent the mean ± SEM of FABP5 protein concentration in function of the self-reported number of exacerbations in the past 12 months

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