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Table 4 Antihypertensives and statins: genes with variants that potentially affect the drug response rate or the risk of adverse side effects

From: Application of personalized medicine to chronic disease: a feasibility assessment

Drug name Brand name Pharmacogenetic genes PubMed ID Effect
ACE inhibitors
Captopril Capoten AGTR1 18347611 Specific variants (s.v.) associated with improved outcomes
Enalapril Vasotec; Renitec    
Ramipril Altace; Tritace;    
Perindopril Coversyl; Aceon AGTR1; BDKRB1 20712529; 20712529 S.v. associated with improved outcomes
Lisinopril Listril; Lopril; Novatec; AGTR1; CLCN6; NPPA 18347611; 18212314 S.v. associated with improved outcomes
AGTR2 antagonists
Losartan Cozaar; Hyzaar; Lacidipine; Lortaan CYP2C9 11823761; 11408373 CYP2C9*3 allele is associated with a reduced rate of drug metabolism
Irbesartan Avalide; Avapro; Irbesarran; APOB; LDLR 15453913; 15453913 S.v. associated with improved outcomes
Candesartan Amias; Atacand; Blopress; KNG1 19584173 S.v. associated with improved outcomes
Valsartan Diovan    
Telmisartan Micardis; Pritor    
Atorvastatin Lipitor; Torvast CYP3A4; ABCB1; HTR7;HTR3B; GNB3; USP5; SLCO1B1; ABCC1 17600820; 18851956; 19833260; 18851956 Risk or phenotype-associated alleles
Rosuvastatin Crestor CYP2C8; CYP2C19 20178046  
Simvastatin Zocor; Lipex CYP3A4; HCR; SLCO1B1; AGTR1; KIF6; HTR7; HTR3B; GNB3; USP5; ITGB3; 11250978; 20403997; 18073581; 18551043; 18222353; 18222354; 18222355; 17600820; 11545752 Risk or phenotype-associated alleles