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Table 2 In vivo multipotency of pericytes/perivascular MSC

From: Perivascular mesenchymal stem cells in the adult human brain: a future target for neuroregeneration?

Cell origin Markers Experimental model Differentiated cell type Reference
Vascular progenitor Nestin Chemical ablation in testis Leydig cells [97]
Pericyte Alkaline Phospatase Muscle injury Myoblast/satellite cell [98]
Vascular pericyte Stro-1 Bone injury Chondroblast/ osteoblast [64]
Pericyte NG2 Dental injury Odontoblast [46]
Type A pericyte Glast Spinal cord injury Scar tissue/Fibroblast [102]
Pericyte PPARγ Genetic fate mapping White Adipocyte [29]
Pericyte Foxd1 PDGFR-β Kidney Injury Myofibroblast [101]
Perivascular progenitor PDGFR-β Genetic fate mapping Follicular dendritic cell [100]