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Fig. 5

From: The novel llama-human chimeric antibody has potent effect in lowering LDL-c levels in hPCSK9 transgenic rats

Fig. 5

The SDS-PAGE gel and the affinity tests. ac the SDS-PAGE gel of the VHH-B11, and the bivalency B11-Fc. M1, M2 and M3: the protein markers (Fermentas, USA). Lane1: VHH-B11, 17 kDa Lane2: B11-Fc, 76 kDa non-reduced gel; Lane3: B11-Fc, 40 kDa reduced gel. d The affinity test of the bivalency B11-Fc. Each colored line represents one antibody concentration. The black lines represent the automatic fitting curves by the built-in evaluation software. The binding and dissociation time was set at 180 s and 240 s, respectively, and the protein injection time point was automatically set as 0 s by the built-in evaluation software

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