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Fig. 4

From: The novel llama-human chimeric antibody has potent effect in lowering LDL-c levels in hPCSK9 transgenic rats

Fig. 4

The epitope binning assay by SPR and ELISA. a The epitope binning assay of the VHH-B11 was performed against the approved evolocumab by SPR (Protein A chip). The horizontal axis represents the timeline. The vertical axis represents the relative response unit. The curve consists of four processes: baseline; capture evolocumab; injecting PCSK9 (binding and dissociation); injecting VHH-B11 (binding and dissociation). b The dual antibody sandwich ELISA method between VHH-B11 and the approved evolocumab (coated on the plate, as shown in the schematic diagram). The horizontal axis represents different dilution concentrations of the VHH-B11. The vertical axis represents the OD450 value

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