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Table 3 DFS of colorectal cancer after incorporation of serum basophil count level into conventional AJCC TNM staging system

From: Circulating basophil count as a prognostic marker of tumor aggressiveness and survival outcomes in colorectal cancer

AJCC TNM staging systemAfter incorporation of C-stage into AJCC stage
StageNo. of patientsDisease-free survivalStageNo. of patientsDisease-free survival
HR (95% CI)P valueHR (95% CI)P value
I1411I B−491
I B+920.270 (0.149–0.488)< 0.001
IIA1231.340 (0.895–2.005)0.155IIA B−501.174 (0.701–1.968)0.542
IIA B+730.407 (0.228–0.727)0.002
IIB1281.668 (1.138–2.447)0.009IIB B−461.412 (0.850–2.345)0.183
IIB B+820.548 (0.327–0.918)0.022
IIC81.501 (0.591–3.814)0.393IIC B−61.238 (0.430–3.569)0.692
IIC B+20.445 (0.060–3.318)0.430
IIIA441.317 (0.762–2.275)0.324IIIA B−160.891 (0.414–1.919)0.769
IIIA B+280.542 (0.260–1.133)0.103
IIIB3272.617 (1.852–3.697)< 0.001IIIB B−1481.932 (1.249–2.988)0.003
IIIB B+1791.002 (0.643–1.559)0.995
IIIC2583.478 (2.424–4.990)< 0.001IIIC B−1272.679 (1.714–4.187)< 0.001
IIIC B+1311.275 (0.809–2.008)0.295