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Fig. 5

From: Feasibility study of using high-throughput drug sensitivity testing to target recurrent glioblastoma stem cells for individualized treatment

Fig. 5

Individual therapeutic options in recGSC cultures. a Waterfall plot of the 15 most (red) and 15 least selective (blue) drug responses in T1534 by sDSSGBM. The plot displays the sensitivity to e.g. statins and estrogen receptor inhibitors, and the resistance to MDM2 inhibitors (SAR405838, AMG-232, Idasanutlin). b Dot plot of sDSS in T1534 using both the GBM (x-axis) and healthy bone marrow (y-axis) reference databases. Classes (color coded) and single drugs with patient-specific activity in T1534 are highlighted. c The corresponding dose–response curves of selected drug responses in T1534. d, e Similar dot plot and selected dose–response curves in T1516. T1516 displayed a remarkable sensitivity to EGFR- and HER-inhibitors, of which several with approval status available for fast translation. f, g Dot plot and selected dose-response curves in T1544. T1544 was among the least sensitive tumors, and displayed an increased sensitivity to MDM2-inhibitors, that currently are evaluated in clinical trials of GBM (NCT03158389)

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