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Table 4 A comparison of discriminatory ability of SAA, EBV DNA and SAA + EBV DNA with TNM stage using NRI and IDIa

From: The prognostic value of integration of pretreatment serum amyloid A (SAA)–EBV DNA (S-D) grade in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

SAA vs TNM stage− 4.8%0.641− 0.1%0.827− 3.3%0.689− 1.4%0.635− 17.2%0.515− 3.5%0.549
EBV DNA vs TNM stage− 15.6%0.482− 0.4%0.541− 5.3%0.549− 0.8%0.723− 12.5%0.615− 1.4%0.771
S-D grade vs TNM stage12.4%0.4720.4%0.5899.6%0.3481.8%0.57111.6%0.5373.8%0.470
  1. NRI or IDI > 0, it was positive improvement, this indicated that the new model had better prediction ability than the old model. If NRI or IDI < 0, it was negative improvement, and the new model’s prediction ability was less than the old model. If NRI or IDI = 0, it was considered the new model had not changed