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Fig. 3

From: Network vulnerability-based and knowledge-guided identification of microRNA biomarkers indicating platinum resistance in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

Fig. 3

Prognostic performance of the identified miRNA biomarkers evaluated based on ROC curve and Kaplan–Meier survival analyses. a Sensitivity and specificity of miRNA biomarkers in predicting platinum resistance in HGSC were assessed by ROC curve analysis and AUC values. The dashed diagonal line in the ROC plot refers to AUC = 0.5, which means discrimination with random chance. b, c Kaplan–Meier survival curve analyses for progression-free survival (PFS) (b) and overall survival (OS) (c) of HGSC patients were conducted to evaluate the prognostic performance of miRNA biomarkers in predicting survival times. P-values were calculated using the log-rank test

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