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Fig. 1

From: Network vulnerability-based and knowledge-guided identification of microRNA biomarkers indicating platinum resistance in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

Fig. 1

Structural and functional characteristics of PRMNH. a Layout of PRMNH consisting of 190 regulations between 26 miRNAs and 140 mRNAs with differential expression patterns. b Intersection between known platinum resistance-associated miRNA biomarkers and up- or down-regulated miRNAs in PRMNH. The light red and green ellipses represent up-regulated and down-regulated miRNAs in PRMNH, respectively; light yellow ellipses represent known miRNA biomarkers involved in platinum resistance. miRNAs with properties of both hub and bottleneck nodes were highlighted with blue color. c Top 10 significantly enriched GO terms at the biological process level of miRNA target genes in PRMNH. The fan area represents the number of target genes implicated in the corresponding GO term. d Degree distribution of all nodes in PRMNH

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