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TableĀ 3 Comparison of gene editing delivery systems

From: From fiction to science: clinical potentials and regulatory considerations of gene editing

Vector type Advantages Disadvantages Solution/developments
AAV Good tissue tropism
Efficient gene editing
Low immunogenicity
Low packaging capacity Trans-splicing vectors
Adenovirus Large packaging capacity High immunogenicity
Low tissue tropism
Removal of viral genes to avoid immunogenicity
Lentivirus Large packaging capacity Stable integration into genome
Low tissue tropism
Non-integrative lentiviral vectors
Can be engineered to show tissue tropism
Nonviral delivery systems (e.g. lipid-based nanoparticles) Delivery of DNA, rRNA or protein complexes and transient expression
Virus free
Naturally low tissue tropism
Limited delivery efficiency
Development of systems with high tissue tropism
Improvement of efficiency