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Fig. 1

From: Debutant iOS app and gene-disease complexities in clinical genomics and precision medicine

Fig. 1

PAS-Gen navigating graphical user interfaces with examples of searched Gene, Gene to Disease, and Disease to Gene results. PAS-Gen (iPhone XS and 8) screen display includes About, Register User, Reset Password, Main, Menu, Genomics, Clinical Genomics, Genes, and Genes and Disease interfaces. Example 1 shows a search by entering an incomplete gene name “BRCA” (BReast CAncer gene) that reveals the for protein coding genes “BRCA1” and “BRCA2” and related details. Example 2 is a search using keyword “cancer” that presents 6443 genes known to be involved in different kinds of cancers. In example 3, a search for a specific disease “lung cancer” resulted in a total of 11 genes and related diseases. Example 4 demonstrates a search for the gene “RFWD2”, and results revealed 17 disease matches including a protein coding gene with Ensembl ID “ENSG00000143207” at Chromosome 1 associated with the disease “Autism”. Detailed results are attached in Additional file 1

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