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Fig. 3

From: Circulating monocytes and tumor-associated macrophages express recombined immunoglobulins in glioblastoma patients

Fig. 3

Inverse correlation between the diversity of the immunoglobulin-repertoire and the tumor volume. The total number of different immunoglobulin CDR3 variants from IgM- and IgG-heavy chains expressed in tumor-associated macrophages (a) and circulating monocytes (b) from glioblastoma patients is negatively correlated to the corresponding tumor volume. The inverse correlation of the total number of different CDR3 variants in tumor-associated macrophages (c) and circulating monocytes (d) and the tumor volume was confirmed in the immunoglobulin light chain repertoires (Igκ- and Igλ). For all graphs (ad) the respective correlation coefficients r and the p-values are indicated. e The total number of different IgM and IgG CDR3 variants from tumor-associated macrophages and B cells of three patients are shown. The immunoglobulin repertoires expressed by TAM show a higher repertoire diversity in the small tumor than in the large tumors. In contrast, the corresponding B cells of the same patients show a high repertoire diversity independent of the tumor volume

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