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Fig. 2

From: Circulating monocytes and tumor-associated macrophages express recombined immunoglobulins in glioblastoma patients

Fig. 2

TAM Ig heavy and light chain repertoires are less diverse than those of circulating monocytes. IgM and Igκ repertoire diversities in circulating monocytes and tumor macrophages from two representative patients (GBM001 and GBM003). Sector areas correspond to the relative frequency of individual clonotypes within a given Ig CDR3 repertoire and are sorted by size. Each sector within a circle chart represents a unique CDR3 variant and the total number of identified variants is shown in the center. Note that TAM express less diverse IgM and Igκ repertoires than monocytes from the same patients. The tumor volumes of the two patients are shown (11.3 ml and 74.9 mL, respectively). The repertoire diversities of all analyzed immunoglobulin sequences from all patients in this study are shown in (Additional file 1: Figure S4)

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