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Fig. 5

From: Impact of fatty acid binding protein 5-deficiency on COPD exacerbations and cigarette smoke-induced inflammatory response to bacterial infection

Fig. 5

FABP5 expression is required for infection-induced PPARγ activation. a Western blot of FABP5 in THP-1 cells showing that cigarette smoke extract (CSE) reduces FABP5 expression to a similar extent as shRNA-mediated FABP5 knockdown. b PPARγ activity measured in shRNA-mediated FABP5 knockdown THP-1 cells treated with CSE and P. aeruginosa using an ELISA-based TransAM PPARγ activation assay. c PPARγ activity measured in bone marrow derived macrophages from WT or FABP5−/− mice treated with CSE and P. aeruginosa. Data are representative of 3 independent experiments and represent the mean ± SEM. d FABP5 protein concentration and PPARγ activity correlation in PBMCs of non-COPD and COPD patients. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. ns non-significant

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