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Fig. 3

From: Clinical features of Sjögren’s syndrome patients with autoantibodies against interferons

Fig. 3

Clinical correlates of cytokine autoantibodies in SS. The SS cohort was stratified based on the 48 SS subjects with cytokine autoantibody seronegative status (Cyt AAB−), or 9 SS subjects with cytokine autoantibody seropositive status (Cyt AAB+). The color coding of the cytokine seropositive samples corresponds to their display in Fig. 1. The SS subject (#56) with partially neutralizing autoantibodies to interferon-α is shown by the red diamond. a Ro52 and b La autoantibodies were measured by LIPS and analyzed. The dotted line is based on cut-off value from HV. Mann–Whitney U test was used for statistical analysis. c The focus score, a histological marker assessment of the amounts of inflammatory cells in the salivary gland biopsy and d unstimulated salivary flow for the subjects is shown for the HV, Cyt AAB− and Cyt AAB+

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