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Fig. 1

From: Clinical features of Sjögren’s syndrome patients with autoantibodies against interferons

Fig. 1

Detection of cytokine autoantibodies in SS. Using LIPS, autoantibodies against GMCSF (a), interferon-γ (b), -ω (c), and -α (d), were evaluated in 25 healthy volunteers (HV) and 57 Sjogren syndrome (SS) patients. Each circle on the graphs represents an individual subject. Autoantibody levels are expressed in LU. For each test, two appropriate positive serum from PAP, DNTB and thymoma patients were used as internal controls. The short solid lines for the HV and SS patients represent the geometric mean levels and 95% confidence interval for the autoantibody level in each group. The dashed lines represent the cut-off values defined as described in “Methods”. The SS patient (#56) with high levels of autoantibodies against interferon-α and interferon-ω is denoted by the red diamond

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