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Table 2 Shared and de novo small sequence variations (SNVs, substitutions, Indels) as compared to NCBI Build 37

From: Post-zygotic genomic changes in glutamate and dopamine pathway genes may explain discordance of monozygotic twins for schizophrenia

Sample Total sequence variations before confidence filters applied High confidence variants unshared with co-twin Unshared with co-twin
Inherited (present in parent) De novo (not present in parent)
Family 1 affected (I-2-1) 4,295,920 11,577 7302 4275
Family 1 unaffected (I-2-2) 4,265,089 9345 5776 3569
Family 2 affected (II-2-1) 3,780,127 10,725 N/A N/A
Family 2 unaffected (II-2-2) 3,789,298 10,351 N/A N/A