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Table 2 Comparison of single-cell transcriptome sequencing methods.

From: Single-cell sequencing and tumorigenesis: improved understanding of tumor evolution and metastasis

Method Reverse-transcription enzyme used WTA method Reverse-transcript size Position bias
Tang’s method Reverse transcriptase Poly-A tailing 0.5–3.0 kb 3′-end
Smart-seq/Smart-seq2 M-MLV RT Template-switching; locked nucleic acid in Smart-seq2 Full-length Low 3′-end
Quartz-seq Reverse transcriptase Poly-A tailing; suppression PCR 0.4–4.0 kb 3′-end
CEL-seq/CEL-seq2 In vitro transcription Poly-A tailing; barcoding 3′-end only High 3′-end
STRT Reverse transcriptase Template-switching; barcoding Full-length, only detect 5′-end 5′-end
  1. WTA whole-transcriptome amplification, SMART switching mechanism at the 5′-end of RNA template, M-MLV RT Moloney murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase, CEL-Seq cell expression by linear amplification and sequencing, STRT single-cell tagged reverse transcription sequencing