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Table 2 Adverse events (AE) in children receiving oral oseltamivir

From: Pharmacokinetics of oseltamivir in infants under the age of 1 year

Patient number Age
months (m) and days (d)
Comorbidities Clinical AE Laboratory changes
1 6 m, 23 d Tetralogy of Fallot D1
Day 1 bloods: raised creatinine (48 mmol/L) and AST (66 mmol/L)
Attributed to cardiac condition
Normalised after frusemide dose during course of oseltamivir
2 5 m, 13 d Albright’s osteodystrophe
Severe OSA due to epiglottis dystrophy
Nil Nil
3 11 m, 15 d Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteraemia, pneumonia, meningitis
Parainfluenza 3/rhinovirus/enterovirus co-infection
Developed HUS
Nil Baseline bloods normal
D2 of oseltamivir: rising creatinine, urea, AST/ALT/GGT
All parameters normalised 10 days after first dose
Laboratory abnormalities attributed to HUS
4 3 m, 13 d Exomphthalmos Nil Nil
  1. GORD gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, OSA obstructive sleep apnoea, HUS haemolytic uraemic syndrome