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Table 1 Nontraditional training: list of disciplines medical students are exposed to via interdisciplinary teams, as well as yearly workshops, in the Bench-to-Bedside Competition

From: Addressing challenges of training a new generation of clinician-innovators through an interdisciplinary medical technology design program: Bench-to-Bedside

Medical student exposure to non-traditional training
By discipline (Team) By topic (Workshop)
Health Sciences: Clinical Need Identification
 • Biomedical Informatics Business Plan Development
 • Nursing Prior Art Searching
 • Pharmacy FDA Regulations
 • Exercise & Sports Science Prototyping
Business: Term Sheet Negotiation
 • Business Administration Patent Development
 • Entrepreneurship Venture Capital
 • Biomedical Engineering
 • Mechanical Engineering
 • Electrical Engineering
 • Entertainment Arts & Engineering
 • Chemical Engineering
 • Materials Engineering
Basic Science:
 • Chemistry
 • Biology
 • Life Sciences
 • Mathematics
 • Genetics
 • Law
 • Computer Science
 • Art Education
 • Architecture
 • Film & Media Arts
 • English