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Table 2 List of highly cited pathway databases for proteomic applications

From: Clinical proteomic biomarkers: relevant issues on study design & technical considerations in biomarker development

Most cited repositories for biological pathways
Pathway databases Biological pathway Website/Link
Reactome KnowledgeBase Signal Transduction Pathway
BioCarta Pathway Diagrams Signal Transduction Pathway
Pathway Commons Signal Transduction Pathway
Protein ANalysis THrough Evolutionary Relationships Signal Transduction Pathway
Protein Lounge Signal Transduction Pathway
WikiPathways Signal Transduction Pathway
Transcription Factor encyclopedia Regulatory Pathways
Transcription Regulatory Regions Database Regulatory Pathways
A Public Database of Transcription Factor and Regulatory Sequence Annotation Regulatory Pathways
Homo Sapiens Comprehensive Model Collection (HOCOMOCO) Regulatory Pathways
Transcription Factor Database Regulatory Pathways
Human Protein Reference Database Protein-Protein Interactions
Human Annotated and Predicted Protein Interaction Database Protein-Protein Interactions
Biomolecular Interaction Network Database Protein-Protein Interactions
Molecular Interaction Database Protein-Protein Interactions
Biological General Repository for Interaction Datasets Protein-Protein Interactions
Search Tool for the Retrieval of Interacting Genes/Proteins Protein-Protein Interactions