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Table 1 Comparison of current clinical practice and research advances in motion-managed and PET/CT-guided radiotherapy of lung cancer

From: Challenges and opportunities in patient-specific, motion-managed and PET/CT-guided radiation therapy of lung cancer: review and perspective

Process Clinical practice Research advance Challenge Opportunity
PET/CT imaging Static PET/CT for diagnosis and staging Respiratory motion-tracked PET/CT for treatment planning simulation Precision and accuracy in PET/CT quantification Standardization of PET/CT protocols
Treatment planning Single plan from manual tumor segmentation with motion uncertainty margin Adaptive plan from multi-phase tumor segmentation and biological target definition to maximize therapeutic ratio Fast and reliable target definition from motion-managed PET/CT Evaluation of potential therapeutic gains
Treatment delivery Image-guided radiotherapy Image-guided and motion-tracked radiotherapy Adaptive motion tracking algorithm Real-time verification of dose under motion management