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Table 1 References demonstrating the specific association of SUA with cancer risk, recurrence, and mortality

From: Contribution of uric acid to cancer risk, recurrence, and mortality

Reference Risk category Gender Cancer type SUA measurement
Petersson et al., 1983 Unselected M All Concurrent
Petersson et al., 1984 Unselected M All Concurrent
Levine et al., 1989 Unselected F All Prospective
Kolonel et al., 1994 Unselected M Prostate Prospective
Korenga et al., 2005 ABCG2 M/F Renal Prospective
Tsimberidou et al., 2005 MetS/Obesity M/F All Prospective
Shin et al., 2006 Unselected M/F All Concurrent
Giovannucci, 2007 MetS M/F Colon Prospective
Hu et al., 2007 ABCG2 M/F B-Cell Lymphoma Prospective
Rose et al., 2007 MetS F Breast Concurrent
Strasak et al., 2007a Unselected F All Prospective
Strasak et al., 2007b Unselected M All Prospective
Boffetta et al., 2009 Gout M/F All Prospective
Becker et al., 2009 Obesity M/F All Concurrent
Strasak et al., 2009 Unselected M/F All Prospective
Bjorge et al., 2011 MetS F Breast Concurrent
Hammarsten et al., 2011 MetS M Prostate Prospective
Panero, et al., 2011 T2DM M/F All Prospective
Siddiqui, 2011 MetS M/F Colorectal Prospective
Wang, et al., 2011 ABCG2 M/F Leukemia Prospective