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Aims and scope

Clinical and Translational Medicine (CTM) aims to play an important and recognized role in reporting knowledge that contributes towards the understanding of molecular mechanisms of disease. CTM also aims to foster a predictive, preventive, personalized and practical approach towards precision medicine, leading to improved patient prognosis. The journal provides a forum for exchange of ideas between basic and clinical scientists on molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease and potential therapies.

The journal covers all areas of clinical and translational medicine but also has several special sections:

  • Clinical Genomics- Edited by Olaf A. Bodamer and Gilbert S. Omenn
  • Clinical and Translational Cardiovascular Medicine- Edited by Yong-Xiao Wang
  • Translational Respiratory Medicine- Edited by Chunxue Bai

The section Translational Respiratory Medicine publishes contributions from clinicians and academics working within any sector with translational potentials between basic research and clinical application, on pathology, immunology and omics science to investigating respiratory and respiratory-related diseases. The section is devoted to the publication of high quality original papers, review articles, and case reports. The section provides a forum for exchange of ideas on potential molecular and cellular mechanisms of respiratory diseases. The section aims to play an important, critical, and recognized role in the understanding of human respiratory diseases and improvement of the prognosis of patients.

  • Stem Cell Therapies- Edited by Mariusz Z. Ratajczak

For the full Section Boards, please see here.

Clinical and Translational Medicine is a truly international, peer-reviewed, and open access journal devoted to the publication of articles on scientific and clinical investigations which will promote and accelerate the translation of preclinical research to a clinical application and the communication between basic and clinical scientists. CTM emphasizes clinical potential and application of new biotechnologies, biomaterials, bioengineering, disease-specific biomarkers, cellular and molecular medicine, omics science, bioinformatics, applied immunology, molecular imaging, drug discovery and development, and regulation and health policy. CTM will specially focus on the bench to bedside approach, favouring studies and clinical observations which generate hypotheses and questions relevant to the patient and disease and guide the investigations of cellular and molecular medicine. CTM welcomes submissions from companies, clinicians, scientists and policy makers.